Construction rubbish chutes are an essential part of any construction project as they help remove the piles of waste generated every day. This waste contains debris and other harmful materials like glasses and nails that can pose a health hazard on the construction site.

Notably, every construction site needs a rubbish chute for waste management and the safety of employees and visitors. These units should be installed in a safe and conveniently accessible place to be easily accessible by everyone on-site. Below is a list of advantages of using construction rubbish chutes.

1. SafetyConstruction Rubbish Chute | Conveying & Hoisting Solutions

The first and most important benefit of using a rubbish chute is safety. With rubbish churning out daily in construction environments, safety becomes a primary concern. A rubbish chute ensures a clean, tidy, and safe work environment where workers can manoeuvre around quickly.

Without one, workers would have to carry the debris themselves, which is dangerous and time-consuming. In addition, throwing rubbish out through windows can create a safety hazard for workers who could be hit or trip over it. Having a construction chute will also save costs on workers’ insurance claims and potential fines from the relevant building and health departments.

2. Efficiency

A second advantage of having a chute is increased efficiency. Having an enclosed system to send down debris saves you time. If you don’t have a garbage chute, your workers would have to remove rubbish by either lowering it out of the window or securing and carting it downstairs. This would be tiring and time-consuming as workers would be taking breaks to transport debris.

3. Convenience

A rubbish chute makes it easy and convenient for workers to dispose of waste. With this unit in place, individuals working on-site don’t need to remove rubbish bags from each level to an outside dumpster. Instead, they can use the chute present on each floor to send down rubbish.

4. Improved Sanitation

With a construction chute, your workers won’t have any physical contact with the waste, improving sanitation. They need to bag and drop the rubbish into the chute system by their level. As such, the debris falls directly into a roll-off dumpster at the base of the building and never goes through human hands.

In addition, if you don’t have a chute, trash can accumulate alongside the stairways or hallways and clutter the building. This could, in turn, raise a sanitation concern. What’s worse, the accumulation of rubbish can attract rodents and other pests, creating a health hazard. Thus, installing a garbage chute can help eliminate these issues.

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