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Whatever your project or requirement, we can help you. Whether it’s a single conveyor and hoist or something more complex – we’ve got you covered.


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What our customers say…

The absolute standard of professionalism and customer support is outstanding , the hoist speaks for its self very reliable and an ongoing presence on site. With great staff and prompt service it’s a absolute pleasure to work along side such a great team ….. would recommend 100% to anyone looking for solutions in conveying or hoisting ….


Greg has always been helpful when we need to get something done in a hurry and will go above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need. We've gone through a few other companies in the past but Greg is by far the best we have dealt with - he always gets back to us promptly and has a great attitude when giving feedback.

Daniel SHornsby

Thanks very much for your assistance on the hospital project. It would have been impossible without the star hoist

Marcus James

I always thought that renting equipment for a job was a hassle. Conveying and Hoisting Solutions made it so easy for me to rent from their company. I found the prices to be very competitive and the customer service excellent. I would highly recommend Conveying and Hoisting Solutions as a business if you are looking for great service and equipment.

Zac BrounProject Coordinator

Really Appreciate the assistance Conveying and Hoisting Solutions has supplied to us for the Equipment I have not had luck finding within the Newcastle area. Especially during Covid times with heavy restrictions we have been able to work together and get the job done.

Darren MorrisProduction Scheduler

Your conveyors made that difficult job in Bondi too easy. Thanks again and see you soon

Sam GouldProject Manager

Conveyors used worked beautifully. Got the work done, no problems

JalalRevseby NSW

They were bloody great bin chutes, Builder was impressed, was asking where we got them from.

AndrewSandringham NSW

The hoist has worked seamlessly, its been a great experience. When I need something else you’ll be the first people I call

JustinCalvary Hospital, Kogarah

Why Choose Conveying & Hoisting Solutions?


Quick turnaround from initial booking to pick up or delivery


Convenient availability of over 850 materials handling products


Professional and timely customer support


SMS notifications with real-time tracking, know where your order is at all times


Obligation-free site inspections to identify the right product for those complex projects


Most vehicles equipped with lifting devices allowing for fast, easy pickup, delivery or installation on site

Conveyor Hire

With possibly the largest fleet of Conveyor Belts for hire in Australia, choose from our Industrial Steel Flatbed Conveyor, Industrial Steel Trough Conveyor, Lightweight Aluminium Flatbed Conveyor or Lightweight Aluminium Trough Conveyor.

Material Hoist Hire

Efficiently move material up and down on-site with our Materials Hoist.  Choose from our Maber 800kg Double Barrow Materials Hoist, Geda 500kg Double Barrow Materials Hoist, Geda 300kg Single Barrow Materials Hoist or Geda 200kg Combi Lift Materials Hoist.

Star Hoist Hire

Lift materials up to 250kg with ease using our Pivot/Swivel Arm Hoist. Star Hoist head swivels 170 degrees to allow for safe unloading. Multiple attachments are available for various lifts.

Ladder Lift Hire

Move tools, building materials or bulky furniture up or down with our Ladder Lifts. Ladder Lifts are versatile and can be fitted with suitable attachments to lift different materials or even a self-tipping skip to remove unwanted materials.

Heavy Duty Conveyor System Hire

Durability, flexibility and large capacity make this our most popular and versatile conveyor. ‘The Workhorse’ is designed to be modular, making it capable of reaching long distances, even at inclines of up to 35 degrees. And with an impressive throughput of up to 100 tons per hour.

Rubbish Chute Hire

Safely dispose of rubbish from any level directly into a bin with our Rubbish Chutes. Rubbish Chutes are ideal for restoration, waste management, construction or remedial products and can be mounted off a scaffold, window frame, wall or slab edge.

Gravity Roller Conveyor Hire

Convey your products quickly and easily with our Gravity Rollers. Gravity Rollers are un-powered series of rollers arranged with a slight downwards-slope enabling box materials to easily be moved over short or long distances.

Brick & Block Elevator Hire

Move your bricks in a cost-effective, safe way with our range of Brick & Block Elevators. Brick & Block Elevators are quick to set up, easy to use and operate in forward or reverse.

From a conveyor to a hoist or something more complex – we’ve got you covered.

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Ladder Lift
Star Hoist
Ladder Lift
Material Hoist
Rubbish Chutes
Material Hoist
Star Hoist

We’ve got your back.

At Conveying & Hoisting Solutions, we believe that our clients ought to enjoy the convenience of renting equipment without any stress or worries. That’s why we’ve made it our top priority to provide top-quality equipment backed by an impeccable customer service system.

Leave the juggling act behind.

When renting equipment from Conveying & Hoisting Solutions, you don’t have to worry about storage, transport or maintenance. Instead, we supply everything you need for your project at the right price, allowing you to focus on giving your project its absolute best. With over 850 products for rent, ranging from lightweight conveyors to ladder hoist to material hoist. We’ve got you covered!

Rent with confidence

Conveying & Hoisting Solutions provides all of their equipment with a backup support system to ensure that our technicians handle any problems promptly and courteously. Never again will you have to worry about waiting days for a replacement part or machine!

Rental-friendly service

Need something last minute? No problem! We offer fast delivery and pickup. And we can arrange to have equipment delivered anywhere in Australia.