Conveying & Hoisting Solutions™ has an extensive range of materials handling equipment available for hire.

Move tools, building materials or bulky furniture up or down with our Ladder Hire. Ladder Lifts are versatile and can be fitted with suitable attachments to lift different materials or even a self-tipping skip to remove unwanted materials.

Fulfilling Various Tasks with GEDA’s Ladder Lift

Ladder Lifts are helpful for every work – indoor and outdoor. The ladder systems can transport all kinds of materials to the upper levels of a building. Inclined lifts offer the perfect assistance for moving furniture, interior constructions, façade renovations, or the restructuring of flat roofs. Due to the movable end, the transportation goods can quickly be unloaded from the platform. This prevents back pain and facilitates the work.

Easy Assembly in no Time

The construction of GEDA’s Ladder Lift is so easy that even unschooled workers can perform the assembly, resulting in reduced costs. With the help of massive threaded bolts, the ladder elements are assembled on the ground – without any tools. First, the rails for the inclined elevator are pushed on the ladder profile. As soon as the ladder system is mounted on the scaffolding or the façade, the hoist is set on top of the profile. Support beneath the ladder secures the elevator’s weight and the transport of goods. Thanks to the various load handling attachments, every material can be moved.

Ideal for providing a transport solution other equipment cannot; if you want to hire or rent a Ladder Lift, please contact us today.

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  • Various applications available
  • Used to lift or lower materials
  • Versatile for lightweight materials, including bricks or soil and heavy-duty materials, including solar-powered water tanks
  • Aluminium construction ensures components are lightweight and portable (excluding motor)
  • Suitable for narrow corridors and tight access applications

Optional Extras

  • Carrying attachments such as Brick/Tile cage, Boxed Platform, Tipping Skip & Sheet Carrier
  • Brick/tile cage – bricks or tiles can be carried safely within the enclosure
  • Boxed platforms – a box with 340mm high sides and a platform of 820x670mm
  • Tipping skip – The skip can carry up to 200kg of material or up to 100 litres of liquid
  • Sheet carrier – can carry up to 3.2mx1.6m sheet
  • Adjustable props to support the ladder sections & adjustable bends to move over objects


  • Capacity: up to 200kg
  • Lifting Speed: 30m/min
  • Power: 240V 10amp (min Generator size to run 4KVa)
  • Maximum length of lift: 35m
  • Minimum setup angle for ladder: 20° (Supports required every 2m)
  • Maximum setup angle for ladder = 90°
  • Maximum length of the ladder without support: 6m (when the ladder is at 45°)
  • Platform size: Variable (see optional extras)
  • Ladder Section Lengths: 1 or 2m
  • Motor Assembly Weight: 40kg
  • Can be attached to scaffolding (conditions apply)


At Conveying and Hoisting Solutions, we’re proud to be one of Sydney’s leading and most widely known companies for materials movement services, offering rental equipment ranging from conveyor belts to rubbish chutes. If you intend to hire a ladder lift, you should bear the following tips in mind or call us for advice.


  • Always prioritise safety. Keeping yourself and your employees out of harm’s way must be your primary concern when operating a ladder hoist. If you don’t have the required experience, skills or qualifications to use such equipment, you ought to hire somebody else for the job. At Conveying and Hoisting Solutions, we can be your trusted partner regardless of the task at hand. For years we’ve remained an industry leader in Sydney for ladder hoist hire, and the reasons are apparent.
  • Don’t try to overload your ladder hoist rental. With deadlines to meet and clients to satisfy, many construction firms and tradies aim to finish jobs as quickly as possible, but you should never try to achieve that goal by putting too much strain on your ladder lift. We have a broad range of hoists for hire to meet the requirements of any task, and we can advise on the most suitable equipment for you. If you need to prioritise efficiency, you should call our professionals at Conveying and Hoisting Solutions.
  • Consider any permit requirements. Depending on your line of work and the job you’re working on, you may need to obtain permission to use our lifting equipment, whether it’s a ladder hoist or a conveyor belt. It’s important to consider the potential environmental impacts and safety when working with heavy-duty lifting equipment, so ensure you know whether you need any permits before commencing work. If you need help with uncovering such information, we’re only a phone call away.
  • Hire a well-maintained ladder hoist. If your ladder lift has been poorly maintained, you could at best finish your tasks slower as a result or end up with a disaster, such as an injury at worst. When hiring hoisting equipment, make sure you do so from a company that can prove it keeps its inventory in top condition. If you choose us for your rental ladder lifts, you can feel confident that the quality will be second to none.
  • Choose a ladder lift rental company that can assess your requirements. Understanding the full scope of your work can be challenging without professional assistance. For how long will you need to hire equipment? Which hoists are most suitable for your needs? What can you do to avoid setbacks? Do you have a backup plan for if anything goes wrong? The most straightforward way to prevent any complications from arising in the first place is to choose a rental company that understands your industry. Given that we serve sectors including construction, mining, rigging, landscaping and agricultural, you can be confident that we can provide useful advice and recommendations.

Learn More about Ladder Lift Hire in Sydney

At Conveying and Hoisting Solutions, we aim for nothing less than 100% satisfaction with every client we serve, which is why we have an excellent reputation for providing quality materials movement services to firms in Sydney and NSW. If you have any questions about ladder lift rentals or want to discuss your next job with our professionals, call us on (02) 9707 2797.

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