When it comes to building multi-storey structures or buildings, a material hoist plays an important role. Material hoists are used to lift heavy materials to great heights in a construction setting. With the right hoist in place on your worksite, it’s easy to get the building materials, tools and equipment you need to key elevated spots. From roofing projects to upper-storey building and installation work, all the way to elevated installation, renovation or repair work, so many projects rely on a material hoist. At Conveying & Hoisting Solutions™, we are proud to offer convenient material hoist hire in Sydney.


One of the advantages of working with Conveying & Hoisting Solutions™ for a material hoist rental—compared to purchasing a hoist for your business—is the variety of equipment we offer. Our fleet includes four different hoist models from trusted brands like Maber and Geda. These hoists offer different lift capacities, ranging from 200kg to 800kg.

If you aren’t sure which hoist is right for your material needs or any inherent limitations of your worksite, our team at Conveying & Hoisting Solutions™ can help. As part of our service, we offer a zero-obligation site inspection. We can visit your worksite or building site, assess the site characteristics, speak with you about your lifting requirements and recommend a hoist to suit those needs.

Teach Your Team How to Use Our Hoist Hires, with Conveying & Hoisting Solutions™ Courses

Do note that, at Conveying & Hoisting Solutions™, we offer our equipment on a dry-hire basis rather than a wet hire basis. Dry hire means you are renting the equipment but will provide your own operator. When you arrange a material hoist rental, in other words, you will need to make sure there is someone on your team who is qualified to operate the equipment.

Fortunately, we can help on that front, too. Conveying & Hoisting Solutions™ has a partnership with Cobra Training and Licensing Services, a registered training organisation (RTO ID 91601). Cobra Training and Licensing Services offers numerous nationally recognised training courses that are relevant to materials hoisting. We can connect you with course opportunities to get your personnel licensed to operate materials hoists or personnel and materials hoists. You can learn more about these training opportunities by visiting the ‘Training’ page on our website.

With a well-trained team, you will be able to embrace the features and functionality of our material hoist hire options. Personnel who have gone through the Cobra training programs will know how to operate these machines, how to perform vital pre-operational checks, how to conduct mathematical procedures to estimate the weight of material loads, how to assess risks, and how to stay compliant with WHS requirements. This knowledge, paired with our robust material hoisting equipment, will help ensure a safer, smarter and more efficient worksite.

Are you hunting for a material hoist hire in Sydney? If so, contact Conveying & Hoisting Solutions™ today to start a conversation.

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