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We make your project easy by providing a safe, high-quality material handling solution.


To continue to be an efficient material handling contractor in an ethical and balanced manner to earn the privilege of being the contractor of choice by providing a quality product with quality service which offers a unique, cost-effective and point of difference solution to the marketplace.


At Conveying & Hoisting Solutions, we’re not just an equipment rental company but your partners in the construction journey. With a legacy that spans over 110 years and having supported more than 12,000 projects, our experience and reliability in the field are unrivaled. As a proud Australian-owned entity, we are committed to offering a comprehensive range of over 850 materials handling equipment, ensuring you have the best tools for any job. Our offerings are not just extensive; they are specifically designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern construction sites, ensuring you have access to industry-leading conveyor belt hire, hoist rental, and more.

Our Diverse Product Range: Tailored for Every Construction Need

Our extensive product portfolio is meticulously crafted to cater to various construction activities. From efficiently moving materials across your site with our conveyor belts to lifting heavy items to elevated levels using our hoists, we have the solution you need. Our range includes lightweight aluminium conveyors, heavy-duty industrial conveyors, material hoists with capacities from 200kg to 800kg, and specialised equipment like ladder lifts and rubbish chutes. This selection ensures that no matter the scope or complexity of your project, we can provide the right tools for efficient and safe material handling. Our conveyor hire and material hoist hire services are designed to offer flexibility and efficiency, ensuring your project’s success.

Trusted by Industry Leaders and High-Profile Clients

Our reputation for excellence has made us the preferred solution provider for many leading construction companies, including those undertaking projects in Sydney’s wealthy eastern suburbs. Our ability to meet the high standards required by these projects and clients underscores our commitment to delivering top-notch service and equipment. This trust is a testament to our reliability, showcasing our role as a key player in construction projects of all scales and complexities.

Specialised Solutions for Prestigious Projects

Our involvement in projects within the affluent areas of Sydney highlights our capability to meet the unique requirements of high-end construction work. Our success in these ventures showcases our versatility, reliability, and the premium quality of our equipment and service. When quality and reliability are non-negotiable, Conveying & Hoisting Solutions has proven to be the trusted partner, providing seamless solutions that match the sophisticated demands of our clientele.

Why Partner with Conveying & Hoisting Solutions?

Opting for Conveying & Hoisting Solutions for your construction needs means choosing a partner that excels in material handling. Our vast experience, comprehensive product range, and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction equip us to offer not just equipment but complete solutions that enhance efficiency, ensure safety, and contribute significantly to the success of your construction projects. Our expertise in providing conveyor belt hire, hoist rental, and other construction equipment rental services positions us as the ideal partner for any construction endeavour.

Whether your next venture is a modest renovation or a grand construction project, Conveying & Hoisting Solutions provides the expertise, equipment, and support essential for success. Our commitment to excellence and extensive understanding of the construction industry’s demands position us as the ideal partner for any construction endeavour.

In choosing Conveying & Hoisting Solutions, you are selecting more than just a provider of construction equipment; you are choosing a cornerstone of success for your projects, offering unmatched reliability, expertise, and a product range designed for excellence. Let us help you elevate your construction projects to new heights, where achieving excellence is just the beginning.