A material hoist is an essential piece of equipment on any construction site. These machines have revolutionised the way building projects are carried out, allowing workers to rapidly and safely move materials, tools, and equipment to various building levels. By combining powerful motors with rack and pinion technology, these machines can carry heavy loads from one location to another, even when working at heights where traditional methods are complicated or downright dangerous. 

Material hoists also facilitate occupational safety by minimising the need for manual lifting and lowering heavy objects. In addition to increasing occupational safety, these machines also help improve productivity and efficiency on construction sites where time is always at a premium. 

Other Users of Material Hoists Outside of the Construction Industry

While the applications of material hoists may first have been limited to the construction industry, today, they’re utilised by various groups for various purposes. Some of the most popular users of material hoists outside of the construction industry include:

Landscapers: Many landscaping professionals use material hoists to move heavy boulders, trees, and other plants to different construction levels. Landscapers can avoid using multiple workers to manually lift and carry large items by using a material hoist, saving time and money. 

Demolition Crews: Material hoists are often used in demolition projects to remove debris and rubble from a worksite. They can also be used to move heavy machinery and equipment into place for demolishing buildings or other structures. 

Recycling & Waste Removal Teams: Material hoists are increasingly used in recycling and waste management operations to move large loads of recyclable materials and waste products around sorting facilities and recycling plants. 

Material Hoists we offer

At Conveying & Hoisting Solutions, we offer a variety of different material hoists to suit your needs and budget:

Double Barrow Materials Hoists:

  • Our top-of-the-line Maber 800kg Hoist is an Italian-made hoist designed to move up to 800kg to heights of up to 150m. 
  • We also offer the Geda 500kg Hoist, a well-made German product that can move up to 500kg while still offering the reliable performance and quality you expect from our company.

Single Barrow Material Hoist:

  • If you need something even more compact and lightweight, we have the Geda 300kg Material Hoist.

Finally, for those hard-to-reach spaces or narrow areas where other hoists won’t fit, we offer the Geda Combilift 200kg Hoist, another high-quality German product that is perfect for any size job. 

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