Safety Harnesses are popular for controlling the wearer to fall from any height. By placing this harness, one can control any possible risk due to falling anything in the industry or construction sites. This harness ensures that it can arrest the falling of things after getting them tied to the harness or the available belt. The user can attach any available stationary object to this harness by ensuring it never touches the ground or falls. It can make your work easier and safer. You must have seen one in and around your neighbourhood or at any construction site!

Safety Harness | Conveying & Hoisting Solutions

Before proceeding ahead with any safety harness, you need to be sure that the one you are employing is entirely safe. You should know the process to inspect a safety harness thoroughly. Things you should not miss learning are the process of taking care of it and the ways to preserve it when it is free. 

Before buying a harness, ensure it is capable of supporting the worker’s body in the most comforting way while the work is on. The main purpose of this safety harness is to support the workers while they are on the structure. It is also helpful to suspend the workers freely on any structure.

Let’s check these steps to know about it in detail:

  • If you are employing a harness for climbing the towers or working on some particular structure, ensure you never compromise for less than a full-body harness. Also, never fail to check the right and comfortable work-positioned belt. 
  • If the work demands suspending the worker freely, then never forget to check if the harness supports well in the seated position. 

The full-body harness must have the approval of BS EN 361/ 1497 and should support the body when freely suspended at a height. It must have connecting straps which excel in distributing force when the workers fall from a height. The weight should be equally distributed to the waist, pelvis, shoulders, and thighs. It must also have a provision to attach it with a lifeline, lanyard, or any other components. 

Points to check Pre-use Safety Harness

  • Check the CE label on the safety harness. If it is missing, do not use or buy them. Secure it completely.
  • Another way is to hold the selected harness by the dorsal attachment. Follow it by untangling any available webbing.
  • Check the present condition of the harness. Also, check if it is clean or not completely before using it.
  • Carefully check the hardware in it, including buckles, back pads, D rings, and keepers. In case they have sharp edges, burrs, distortion, corrosion, cracks, and damage, take immediate action to repair or replace them. It is a red signal if it has an unusual smell, sticky labels, stains, or adhesive tape on it. 
  • Inspect the whole thing for cut signs, tears, mould, abrasions, discoloration, chemical attacks, or abrasions. Avoid any safety harness that shows a sign of over-sprayed paint completely. 
  • Also, go through the stitching signs if any of the cutting of thread, pulling or loosening it. If there is any damaged stitching on any side, it is always advisable to avoid it. 

Keep a thorough record of your inspection and compare it from time to time. It is necessary to keep it updated to keep your reading accurate. 

What to do after verifying the measures of Safety Harness?

  • Undo straps, belts fitted to the chest, buckles, and belts on the legs (if any) or the waist. Try to loosen them, too!
  • Pull the Dorsal D rings to lift the strap to ensure all the straps are hanging safely. If any straps are not loose, untangle them.

Ways to take care of and store any Safety Harness

  • If there is any dirt, you need to use some damp cloth dipped in a detergent that is not too strong. Use it to remove contaminants, corrosive stains, dirt, or paint marks.
  • Do not allow them to remain exposed to sunlight for a longer duration. Avoid keeping them under heat, steam, or direct sunlight for longer. 

Always preserve them in any dry or clean area. Do not expose it to solvents, fumes, or any elements that can lead to corrosion or extremely high temperatures. 

Wrapping up

Safety harnesses are highly important in any industry, and you need to be very careful while using them to avoid any possibility of danger. Any negligence may call for accidents. Even the minute details should be taken care of from time to time. It becomes more essential if you are using them at any construction site.