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Conveying and Hoisting Solutions, a leading name in the equipment distribution industry, is proud to announce a new partnership with 3S Lift, a global innovator in lifting solutions. This collaboration introduces the innovative 3S Lift Battery Ladder Lift, setting new standards in the market.

Overview of 3S Lift

3S Lift has been a beacon of innovation in the lifting industry, known for their dedication to safety, simplicity, and specialisation. With a footprint in over 61 countries, their solutions cater to a wide range of industrial needs.

Introduction to the Battery Ladder Lift

3S Lift Battery Ladder Lift

The Battery Ladder Lift is a groundbreaking solution designed for versatility in household projects and construction, featuring a robust 550 W motor and a maximum lifting capacity of 120 kg.

Key Features of the Battery Ladder Lift

  • Portability and ease of use
  • Advanced safety features including overload protection and emergency braking

Advantages of Using the Battery Ladder Lift

Battery Ladder Lift in use

This lift offers unmatched efficiency, reducing labour costs and enhancing productivity with its eco-friendly design.

Conveying and Hoisting Solutions as a Distributor

This partnership allows Conveying and Hoisting Solutions to expand its offerings, providing clients with top-tier, innovative lifting solutions.

Installation and Maintenance

Solar Panel Platform
Universal Platform

Installation is quick and straightforward, requiring minimal time and effort, while maintenance is user-friendly, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Case Studies and User Feedback

Customers report significant improvements in operational efficiency and safety when using the Battery Ladder Lift in various industries.

Comparative Analysis

The Battery Ladder Lift outperforms traditional lifting solutions with its advanced features and user-friendly design.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, 3S Lift and Conveying and Hoisting Solutions plan to introduce more innovative products, further enhancing their market presence.


What is the maximum weight the Battery Ladder Lift can handle?
The lift can handle up to 120 kg (265 lbs).
How long does the battery last on a full charge?
It can perform over 40 cycles fully loaded per charge.
Can the Battery Ladder Lift be used in wet conditions?
Yes, it is designed with waterproof features to operate in various conditions.
What are the warranty terms for the Battery Ladder Lift?
The product comes with a two-year warranty covering major parts and labour.
Who should I contact for a demonstration or more information?
Please contact Conveying and Hoisting Solutions through their official website or customer service hotline.


This partnership between Conveying and Hoisting Solutions and 3S Lift is set to transform the landscape of lifting solutions. With a strong focus on innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction, both companies are poised to deliver exceptional value and support to their clients.