A rubbish chute is a large tube that runs down a building moving trash to a central point. The main point is mainly the basement, ground floor, or the lowest level of the high-rise building. These chutes are popular in construction projects.

Rubbish Chutes in Construction Projects

If you’re in the construction of high-rise buildings, you know how much debris is produced in a day. Carrying leftover or broken roofing materials, stones, and bricks by hand can be unsafe and time-consuming. So instead, most builders and construction workers use rubbish chutes to collect debris at different building levels and move them to a dumpster at the lowest part of the building.

Advantages of Construction Rubbish Chutes

  • Improved Sanitation

The last thing you want to see as a project manager is accumulated rubbish all over the building. The trash can pose a health risk as it attracts rodents and pests. Using a chute can help prevent these sanitation issues. To keep the chute clean, you only need to dispense a disinfectant through the automated system.

  • Safety

Since workers don’t have to carry the construction debris by hand, the risk of injuries is reduced. Besides, the lack of physical contact means that the health of the construction workers will be less affected. Renting a chute will save you money on fines from construction and safety authorities or workplace injury insurance claims.

  • Convenience

Construction workers don’t have to carry rubbish bags from floor to floor whenever they want to dispose of waste. This makes construction waste disposal convenient and easy.

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