44 Gallon drum has multiple uses. You can use them for several purposes, including directional markers, fire pits, storage, barriers, concrete slurry, etc. When we talk about 200-litre drums in the UK, we are discussing 44 gallon drums, and the same is true of 55-gallon drums in the USA. We are talking about a container that is cylindrical in shape and can hold up to 200 litres when we say 44-gallon drum. 

44 Gallon Drum

Safety and Precautionary tips while handling 44 gallon drum

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that these drums may measure 350 kg or 772lb, to be precise. When full, it can go heaviest. One needs to be too careful while handling them as any negligence might result in higher risks and compromised safety measures while handling them. The drum weight goes too high with the material, and things might take a dangerous look if you are not careful in handling it. 

If the companies employ drums or barrels in their unit, the practice of safety measures is important to have smooth work functioning. There might be chances when unwanted dangers might occur while you load and unload them. There are severe safety hazards involved if you handle them manually. 

Here, we are going to focus on the ways to handle them in daily operations so that we can control any safety hazard completely. 

Let us first discuss the challenge that we face while using drum handling devices:

  • Some companies still imply to follow the traditional method of manually lifting barrels and drums. This increases the possibility of muscle sprains, serious injuries, and more. 
  • Most industries avoid investing in devices that reduce manual efforts. Commonly, they prevent it unless the law forcefully asks it.
  • Some of the industry installs cheap equipment to control the cost and still invites injuries on a regular basis. 
  • They pull, lift, and push more weight than the set limit on the devices while using any kind of drum handling devices and hence fail to enjoy the benefits. The device stops working soon or results in a disaster. 
  • Some of the drum handling devices are available without the right guarding, and people buy them as they know nothing about it. Hence, the result is not what they expected. 
  • Electrical regulation is the second most important thing to consider while installing any equipment, which people often miss. 
  • People fail to buy the equipment that matches their requirements as they are unaware that requirements differ from industry to industry.
  • The right person to operate such equipment is often found missing. People consider it irrelevant to spend on an expert for this service, and hence the result obtained by this is too less than what it should be.

It is always advisable to buy the right drum handling devices for both safety and efficiency.

Now, we will explain how Edge Grip 44 Galloon Drip, which can handle up to 600 kg, can prove a great asset at construction sites or other industrial needs. It is too simple to attach them and equally simple to detach them, making the work simple!

Now check the features of Edge Grip 44 Galloon Drip, which will leave you in amazement:

  • Drums of any kind, whether steel, plastic, or any other metal, can be easily picked and dropped by them without any risks. The only requirement is the presence of a drum lid in the drums so that the Edge Grip can lift them.
  • There is a special feature where you can lift the drum in the absence of a drum lid, too!
  • The best part of this device is it is entirely self-centering. The sole reason is its compatibility with all the available lifting equipment like forklifts, jib cranes, HIAB, hoists, tractors, and more.
  • You can remove it whenever needed.
  • Rolling any drums up to 600 kg is easy with Edge Grip.
  • You can attach the needed drums from any side or even vertically.
  • You can easily lift a heavy drum among so many drums. 
  • The process of emptying even the heaviest drums gets easier with it. You need to attach this device at the bottom of any horizontal drum. It is easy to lift the drum too with it. 
  • This device adds a complete solution to avoid spills or any possible injuries.
  • It is a durable product that gives you benefits year after year. 

Wrapping Up

It is essential to understand that safety and timely deliverables are more important than anything else in the growing world. Human resources in some places may be cheap, but you cannot compare the efficiency when it comes to lifting heavy objects, as heavy as 600 kg. It is always advisable to opt for the right one that fits your requirements correctly.