1. The Latest Equipment

Hiring gives you access to a huge range of the latest equipment. Trial new equipment and ensure you are always using the right equipment for your job.

2. Ensure Efficiency

When you hire you are speaking to experts who can help you choose the right equipment for your job. Once the job is finished, the equipment can be returned, without the worry of depreciation, repairs and maintenance, or whether that piece of equipment will ever be used again.

3. Control Costs

Don’t worry about machine maintenance, depreciation or tying up your capital. Hiring equipment is fully tax deductable which makes good business sense.

4. Ensure Safety

When you hire the maintenance of the equipment is looked after for you, ensuring that the equipment you are using is always up to standard and meets regulations.

5. Protect Your Staff

All rental equipment is thoroughly checked and maintained prior to each hire and electrically tested and tagged as required.

6. Service

When you hire you don’t just want the right equipment at the right time. You want someone else to worry about delivery, maintenance, spare parts, accessories and more –you just want the equipment to work. Should something break down you want it fixed or replaced immediately – and when you hire you get this and more.

4 Reasons

Allow you to save…

7. The Environment

Equipment that is purchased often sits idle for long period of time. People are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint therefore hiring makes sense for your business as well as the environment.

8. Money

Owing equipment is expensive. By hiring you will always have access to the latest equipment without worrying about depreciation, maintenance and borrowing costs.

9. Time

No wasting time updating and maintaining machinery. Hiring gives you instant access to the equipment you need when you need it – and will even look after any spare parts or extra attachments you may need.

10. Space

No need to worry about storage sheds or yards and equipment sitting idle. Hiring means you can return the equipment as soon as you are finished using it.