Available in custom or fixed lengths

Conveying & Hoisting Solutions has an extensive range of materials handling equipment available for hire.

The 600mm Modular Conveyor System is now available for hire. It can either be assembled on site to suit your requirements or delivered pre-assembled to our standard lengths. With the capacity to move up to 100 tonnes per hour, this adaptable design suits various tasks across a range of industries.

Reliable, versatile and ideal for large capacities, if you are looking to hire or rent a 600mm Modular Conveyor System, please contact us today.

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  • Transports up to 100 tonnes per hour
  • Adaptable for various applications
  • Modular design
  • Operates at angles up to 35 degrees


  • 600mm wide belt
  • Conveyor profile: 400mm x 700mm
  • Adaptable modular design
  • Operates at angles up to 35 degrees
  • Feed by hand, wheelbarrow or small machine
  • Robust construction
  • Durable, galvanised finish
  • Belt speed: 0.3m/s – 0.9m/s (set to 0.9m/s by default, variable speed available upon request)
  • Capacity: up to 100tph
  • Voltage: 415v


LengthWidthMax SlopeMass (kg)Belt Speed (m-min)Max Volume MovablePower
2.86625mm35°23818- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
4.06625mm35°29118- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
5.26625mm35°34318- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
6.46625mm35°39618- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
7.66625mm35°44818- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
8.86625mm35°50118- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
10.06625mm35°55318- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
11.26625mm35°60618- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
12.46625mm35°65818- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
13.66625mm35°71118- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
14.86625mm35°76318- 54 (m-min)100tph415v
SECTIONSL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Kg
Tail Unit150593028585
Head Unit (with motor)15251015300120
Base Tension Unit154573028593
1.2m Section135062028543
2.4m Section255062528585
Small Steel Hopper78585030016
Large Steel Hopper94094050030

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