Last year saturated the world with fear propelling valuable lessons onto the population and providing us all with a much-needed wake-up call to get prepared.

Construction and design industries are already seeing trend alterations giving experts early insights into expected requests from homeowners and first-time builders alike.

Let’s check out 6 Construction and Lifestyle Trends Set to Take Over in 2021

Demand for incorporated anti-bacterial components

After learning a thing or two about viruses and just how easily germs can spread, homebuyers are now opting to equip themselves with in-built anti-bacterial materials.

You could expect to see requests for additional bathroom and hygiene components such as automatic hand dryers, non-touch soap dispensers and other sanitary properties included in the plans.

Washrooms and toilet amenities, kitchens and even living areas, will also likely see a demand for touchless technology, including sensors wired into appliances, cookware and other devices.

Conversions of rooms into multi-functional spacesBedroom

As our family and living dynamics constantly evolve, demand for designs relating to privacy, convertibility and overall multi-functionality are second priority, right behind the growing concern for improved, in-home hygiene.

Families want their houses to remain suitable for their needs and lifestyle regardless of the situation. For example, they are purposely constructing bedrooms that can later be transformed into extra living or office spaces once the kids leave the coop.

This works both ways as DINK couples (double income, no kids), expand and want to simply slide a wall across to partition into a baby room. Adaptable accommodation is most definitely on the cards this year.

Going green

Building for energy efficiency and the use of bio-design furniture are two relatively new concepts up for serious consideration with new homeowners.

Requests for eco-friendly designs and components are booming with savvy builders looking to snag those seasonal savings. Some of the more popular layout options and installations include:

  • Additional/larger windows for more natural light and enhanced airflow
  • Higher performance glazing and other cooling/heat-retaining materials
  • Solar panels

Bio-design furniture is made from waste materials and is a preference on the rise in conjunction with an increased awareness for environmental conservation.

A shift in demand for small-town livingSmall Town

With many realising in 2020 that their duties could be fulfilled from home, the daily CBD commute has quickly dwindled for some.

We’re about to see popularity redirected towards city fringes as well as regional areas and country towns. Both land and housing are much more affordable with many inner-city folks opting for more space between neighbours and a lifestyle that reverts careers to a lower priority.

Escaping the crowds, reducing risks and having room for future renos and add-ons are all the rage for the year ahead.

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Minimalistic designs and structures

New architectural styles are making their descend into a partnership with the ever-growing minimalist society.

The ‘less is more’ approach encompassing lifestyles from all age groups is a skyward trend forcing designers to think outside the box and find ways to appeal to the movement.

A standard house combined with the abovementioned features is about the extent of what a home’s layout needs to integrate. The demand to ditch the bells and whistles and fancy roofing or other framing structures is hot – not only for this year but a slow, upward trend we’ve been monitoring recently.

An increased desire for outdoor living areasOutdoor Living

Enhancing a home’s breathability and fresh air flow capabilities are closely tied to including outdoor living areas, decks, verandas and extra yard space into build plans.

This requires a little innovation and forward-thinking to ensure the construction meets it’s multi-purpose requirements and allows the features to works as intended.

We’re likely to see designs with added sections and layouts optimised for yards, gardens, sheds, home gyms, garages, office, and workspaces. Creating better accessibility to all parts of your home and lifestyle are on the agenda following last year’s catastrophe.

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If we’ve learnt anything from 2020, it’s to consider the potential for unprecedented circumstances to flare up without notice.

Perhaps it’s wise to follow suit regarding the forecast and treat these trends as a preparation strategy for your next family home.

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