While DIY remains one of Australia’s most loved and rewarding ventures, it’s easy to get lost in a new project’s excitement and overlook the essential aspects aiding its success. That’s why we have put together 5 Essential Things to Consider Before Beginning Any Backyard Renovation.

We, get it. The faith you have in yourself to accomplish a complicated job may well be astronomical; however, even the most experienced require a helping hand to polish off a backyard masterpiece.

Whether it’s your first-ever yard reno or you’re a seasoned veteran on the tools, here’s a few pointers to make for a hassle-free makeover from the word go!

Let’s look at five essentials to consider before tearing your home apart and understand their role amidst most renovation projects.

Removal of discarded materials and other building wasteConveyor

Backyard renovations tend to create monumental amounts of waste with most people failing to consider how it will be disposed of.

In addition, the removal of building materials and other waste generated including soil, rocks, gravel, trees and other green waste can be especially challenging where a backyard or home’s structure is not ideally set up for easy extraction.

Conveying & Hoisting Solutions provides a comprehensive range of Australian-made material management equipment, including conveyor belts facilitating all types and scales of backyard renovation projects.

We supply industrial steel and lightweight aluminium trough conveyors capable of transporting yard waste and other materials conveniently and hassle-free from site to skip or truck.

Chat with one of our experts about equipment hire and other suitable conveying solutions!

Demonstrate neighbourly courtesyNeighbour

However, nobody likes a nuisance neighbour; unfortunately, with most suburban upgrades and household circumstances, making a racket and causing disruption is merely unavoidable.

Your next best move is to express a display of courtesy to those on the other side of the fence by notifying them well in advance of any plans in place.

Providing a heads-up shows your neighbours you care about their wellbeing, keeps you in their ‘good books’ and perhaps encourages them to offer similar flexibility with possible future renovations.

Try to limit the amount of noise and other disruptions such as vehicle or equipment obstructions by better organising the project’s conductivity. It might also be wise to provide them with an estimated time of completion and a few specific details of what they can expect and when.

Define your project’s budget

Diving into a project without expenditure clarification is a recipe for financial disaster.

Ensuring you have sufficient funds to complete the renovation based upon a well-devised budget is critical.

All-too-often keen DIY-ers begin surging through a project only to discover they’ve underestimated their costs resulting in getting stuck with a half-finished, badly executed botched job.

These situations generally leave homeowners even worse-off and cost more money to restore or replan the entire renovation.

Reach out to Conveyor & Hoisting Solutions via our Contact page for further information regarding quotes for equipment hire and other services.

Seek the necessary permissions and professional advice

Site Inspection

Depending on your state, city or region, your municipality and its local authorities may impose restrictions or some limitations regarding works allowed to be carried out permit-free.

Also, the nature and scale of your project could determine how a particular renovation must be managed. It’s wise to seek advice and suggestions from necessary parties regarding how zoning and estate rules and regulations apply to your plans.

Perhaps conduct a bit of research into requiring other permissions such as skip bin placements on council-owned areas surrounding your home too.

Hire experts you can trust, we offer a free no-obligation site inspection

There are usually more approval processes when it comes to renovations than most realise so it’s essential to contact your local council or consult professionals in the field who may have some tips on managing project applications more efficiently.

Weigh-up relevant alternatives

Whether you’re putting in a pool, building a retaining wall or replacing a fence, DIY-ers almost always find there’s a more tactical and less expensive option available to tackle each task involved.

Break down your plan into smaller, individual projects and assess each task’s cost-effectiveness determining its viability.

Evaluate your plans and search for alternatives that benefit both you and your neighbours by eliminating unnecessary disruptive action while putting dollars back in your pocket.

Also, ensuring you hire equipment that’s appropriate and suitable for the job is vital.

Contact the team at Conveyor & Hoisting Solutions today for professional recommendations on equipment hire including information on sizes, grades and capacities to suit your project.

By now you should’ve grasped a much clearer understanding of how much goes into even the most basic of backyard renovations.

There’s always room for improvement in terms of upskilling and preparing yourself for all sorts of future yard and minor building and maintenance works.

Get in touch with Conveying & Hoisting Solutions today to discuss your project’s requirements, hire our high-performance conveyor equipment, and gather further information on all our other services!

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