Swivel Eyebolt Lifting Point



Large ring bolt accordingly to EN 818-4 for load ring and AS2318 for the swivel component. Used as a swivelling load ring able to swivel 360° with a pivot of 180°. Made from G80 alloy steel with an Orange painted finish, manufactured with an elongated ring in metric thread sizes.

  • Marked with workload limit in tonne, nominal size in millimetre, quality mark and supplier identification. Proof tested to 1.25 x working load limit.
  • Test certificate available upon request
  • Working load limit (WLL) is constantly unchanged from horizontal to vertical, unique designed.
  • Made from G80 steel with orange powder-coated finishing.
  • Proof tested to 1.25 x WLL with ball bearing, tested again at 2 x WLL after the bearing removed.

Swivel Eyebolt Lifting EyeSwivel Eyebolt Lifting Eye

Swivel Eyebolt Lifting Eye

Swivel Eyebolt Lifting Eye

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8mm/0.3T, 10mm/0.63T, 12mm/1T, 14mm/1.2T, 16mm/1.5T, 18mm/2T, 20mm/2.5T, 24mm/4T, 27mm/4T, 30mm/5T, 8mm/0.3T 76mm thread length c/w nut, 10mm/0.63T 96mm thread length c/w nut, 12mm/1T 114mm thread length c/w nut, 14mm/1.2T 140 thread length c/w nut, 16mm/1.5T 194mm thread length c/w nut, 18mm/2T 180mm thread length c/w nut, 20mm/2.5T 187mm thread length c/w nut, 24mm/4T 222mm thread length c/w nut



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