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Plastic Units Complete with Actuators (XCKS’s)

Introducing Telemecanique XCKS range of limit switches and accessories. These Telemecanique limit switches are the perfect solution for a multitude of applications including escalators, electrical assembly equipment and material handling. A limit switch is commonly made up of an actuator head, switch body and receptacle, predominantly used as part of a control system within industrial applications such as those listed before.

  • Rated 240V 3A at AC15 10A I
  • Snap-action NC contacts with positive opening operation
  • -25 to +70C operating temperature
  • Protected to IP66


VDE0660, IEC947-5-1



Telemecanique XCKS131H29 Limit Switch

  • Forms part of the OsiSense XC range of products
  • Fixed body type
  • Features a rotary head
  • Comprised of a hardwearing plastic material
  • The operator type is a spring return roller leaver thermoplastic
  • 1NC – 1 NO contact types
  • 2 poles
  • Snap-action contact operation
  • Minimum torque for tripping is 0.1 N.m
  • Dimensions – W40mm x H130mm x D60mm

Telemecanique, Square D & Crouzet

Can also be used with

500z & 300z GEDA Rack & Pinion Material Hoists.

  • Emergency Bottom Limit Switch
  • Bottom Limit Switch
  • Final Stop Limit Switch
  • Floor Stop Limit Switch

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

Telemecanique Sensors


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