G80 Lifting Safety Hook Eye Type LE


Austlift LE eye-type self-locking lifting hook allows the hook to remain open until the load is engaged. The hook will not open until the trigger at the back is pressed. The eye style allows easy connection to chain connectors, shackles and wire rope slings.

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The Austlift G80 Lifting Safety Hook Eye Type LE, with its self-locking feature, is a reliable and safe way to connect your load to a chain or wire rope sling. The eye style allows for easy connection.

Until the load is engaged, the self-locking feature ensures that the hook will not open. This self-locking lifting hook is perfect for a variety of applications. The hook’s durability and safety standards make it a great choice for any user. It is a reliable and safe way to connect to loads.

  • Marked with chain sizes, batch number, grade and Austlift branded with manufacture quality mark.
  • Batch tested, test certificates available upon request.
  • Spare trigger kits are available.


Lifting Safety Hook

The Austlift Lifting Safety Hook is made from high-quality materials that can withstand heavy loads. The hook is also corrosion-resistant, so you can use it in any environment without worry. Whether you’re lifting construction materials, heavy machinery, or any other type of load, this hook will keep your load secure and help you get the job done safely.

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