G80 Container Lifting Hook


The Austlift eye type G80 shipping container lifting hooks are a great choice for those looking for a special purpose hook to lift shipping containers. The large-diameter eye on the hook allows it to fit most sizes of container, making it a versatile and reliable option.

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The Austlift eye type G80 shipping container lifting hooks are suitable for working with shipping containers.  This tough and durable hook connects to a twist lock pocket, making it easy to lift and move containers around.  It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and strength, rated 12.5T.. It comes in three types. Left Hand, Right Hand and Straight. 

The steel construction of the lifting hook ensures durability and strength, while the powder-coated finish protects against corrosion.

  • Marked with chain size, batch number, grade, Austlift branded with a manufacture quality mark.
  • Batch tested, test certificates available upon request
The G80 hooks from Austlift are the perfect solution for loading and transporting containers.  Shipping containers can be heavy and difficult to move, but with this, the task is easier.
Whether you are moving containers around a busy port or loading them onto trucks for transport, the Austlift G80 is up to the task.

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Straight, LH 45°, RH 45°